Sunday, November 8, 2009

Anointing of the Sick

Every second Sunday at my church, anyone can come up to the altar for the anointing of the sick. There are always one or two people who go up. For the past several months, when we get to this part of mass, I've wondered what are the rules and when is it OK to go up to be anointed. I mean, I'm sure there are not really official "rules" but there has to be at least informal protocol. Anointing of the sick is usually associated with last rites but most of the people I see going up there do not need their last rites.

So each month I wonder, do I count as sick? Would it help if I was anointed with oil and blessed? Would everyone else in my church ask me how I was sick after mass if I went up? Would they criticize me and say that IF doesn't really count or is not serious enough?


  1. I don't have an answer specific to a Catholic church (and that's an assumption because you mentioned mass and last rites), but seeking God's healing for any sort of 'sickness' is more than acceptable. People are often annointed for healing from addiction, mental illnesses, and all forms of physical ailment. If you are concerned about it not being appropriate or about the prying questions, perhaps making an appointment with your priest/pastor to talk about it or for a private time of prayer and annointing would be helpful.

  2. I've definitely had the same thought. I haven't gone up yet, though, mainly because I don't know what I would say if people asked me why I went up (since we haven't shared our IF).

  3. I don't think they would criticize you. A talk with your priest/pastor, like Ms. Gamgee suggested, I think is a good idea.

  4. Oops--I should have written earlier that I'm here via Mel's site. I hope your wish comes true ;-)


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