Sunday, November 22, 2009

No title

Here is the dilemma with blogging. You start out because you want to write out your thoughts and work through some issues. You find a great community of similar minded people, or people experiencing a similar journey, and get a lot of support. That's been my experience so far (hugs to all my bloggy friends). It sounds great. It is great.

But there is always the tricky issue of how much to share. I want to be completely honest. This blog is many things, all of which require a great deal of openness and honesty. A way for me to express my feelings. A way to offer support to others going through this IF journey to know you are not alone. A way to get advice on what I should do. But I still have to wonder where to draw that line with sharing too much. It gets complicated now that I have a few people IRL reading this. And the added difficulty is that I am not on this journey alone. Sharing myself and my journey means I'm sharing someone else's too.

Not to mention that there are some things I don't even want to admit to myself. I don't even want to give this post a title for fear that I have name it.


  1. SUCH a tricky issue. I consider myself a hyper-internet-security person. Hence why my blog is private and requires invite (must be an IFer who I don't know IRL), and why all names are changed or abbreviated except my first name. I don't share where I'm from, my religious affiliation (other than Christian), etc. For me, it's as 'public' as I can possibly be without getting too uncomfortable. But I SO need the IF Blogland support, especially since nobody IRL gets this IF crap I'm experiencing. I like the balance I've found- you just need to figure out where you want to draw your line for your comfort and security. Whatever you do, you will be supported by us Bloggies. It's such a personal decision, so do what makes you feel safe but also let's you vent as necessary. I hope you can figure out a way to balance those two needs! :)

  2. I understand the complications, as I have some IRL peeps that read the blog as well. It's also hard to judge what's sacred in a marriage and what's okay to anonymously let out to help you, your husband, and your marriage.

    I wish you peace with whatever is tugging at your insides.

  3. It is definitely a fine line to balance. I don't have anyone that I know IRL that reads my blog, so I don't have the same issue that you do. I do change a few insignificant details about my life and use a psyudonym.

    I'm guilty with the not wanting to admit things to myself. It's hard.

    Good luck.

  4. I've shared with ppl IRL recently, and it DOES change how you blog, at least a little, I think. GL figuring out your balance!

  5. My blog started because we relocated so I wanted our friends to be able to keep up with us. The number of IRL friends that actively read are people we're close to and I've been lucky in that my husband is totally open about our issues - and has been long before I have. Now, I no longer give out the blog address to new friends or friends that my have misplaced it.'s all about how comfortable you are. You do what is right for you.

  6. It is a tricky issue. I don't post anything but good things about DH for the reasons you mentioned, but sometimes I know it comes off like I have the 'perfect' husband....or that I want my blog friends to think so. But I just feel like I need to do that out of respect to him.

    I don't have any IRL people reading my blog, that would definitely be an added struggle. GL figuring out how you want to proceed with your blog.

  7. I have this issue quite a lot. Word of our blog traveled fast it seems. I didn't know when I started it where our journey was headed. My DH doesn't really like his business put out there for everyone, so it's hard to tell the full story sometimes!

  8. I totally get this issue! I have some peeps IRL who read my blog and it means that I really stick to how I am feeling and don't bitch or moan about other people. It sucks sometimes! Good luck figuring it out:)


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