Friday, November 13, 2009


It figures, right? Just as I was hoping there is a way AF would be a day or two late and thus let me do IUI right after Thanksgiving weekend, the witch shows up 2 days early! Which means I the earliest I would ovulate would be the day before Thanksgiving, when I'm supposed to be driving to another state, and the most likely day I would ovulate would be Thanksgiving itself, when my dr's office would be closed anyway.

So no clo.mid and no IUI for me this cycle. I'm still hoping there is a way I can get a good Christmas present in there.


  1. BOO! so sorry that this is happening, praying for your christmas present!

  2. I love the response I got after a post complaining about AF: Af is really a man! Not the DH kind, of course, but the stupid ex-bf kind. Lol
    Sorry about this lame interruption; what a downer. Hmph. Maybe your RE would let you start provera pretty early in this cycle so you start your next cycle sooner and can hopefully squeeze an IUI in before Christmas?

  3. Ugh, I'm sorry! :(

  4. I have just one word... GAH!

    So sorry!


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