Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RE office

Visiting the RE's office is unlike visiting other types of doctors. Most notably, you know why patients are there. You may not know their exact story, but it's not like other doctors where patients can be there for anything from a routine checkup to a life threatening illness. That said, I am never sure how to act around other patients in the waiting areas.

The other day, I arrived at the elevator just as the door opened and several patients (for a variety of offices in that building) entered. A man was talking to a woman in a way that I assumed they were together. The man left a floor below the RE's office (which is the only thing on that floor, so at this point I knew where the woman was going). When the doors closed, she turned to me and let out a huge sigh of frustration and made it clear she was glad that creepy stranger was gone. I didn't know what to say because normally I like to be anonymous during dr appointments, but she was making a connection. That got me to thinking about whether us infertile should be bonding during our cycling visits.

And since I am on the topic of my RE's office, I'd like to give them some advice. They have quite an assortment of magazines in the waiting room, everything from Conceive to Car and Truck to Her. The juxtaposition may seem odd, yet it makes sense given the clientele. But they may want to remove the parenting and family oriented magazines. I hope they realize that their patients don't need another reminder of what they don't have. I didn't mind seeing the parenting magazines in my previous RE's office since she also had a general women's health practice, but this new place is focused on fertility. They might also want to tell the nurses who take blood what is acceptable banter while they are working. I have no problem with coworker chatting while they are taking blood from different patients, but since some of us may have been at this long enough to have a five year old, we don't need to hear how one nurse has a son who LOVED his first week of kindergarten.

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