Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Remember my book club friend who can't stop talking about her baby? Well now she is pregnant and can't stop talking about that either. But now I realize how totally clueless she is. Another member of the book is also pregnant, expecting twins (through IVF). She was not there tonight, but came up in conversation in a way that made it seem like this first woman was also expecting twins. Her reply, "no, I like them one at a time." I would have been fine with that, but then she went on to reveal that her sister is struggling with infertility and would gladly take twins if she could. WTF? This woman who drives me crazy with her baby talk has an infertile sister? Does she have no clue what her sister is going through?

Ugh. I told my hubby as soon as I came home and he reminded me to think of her sister. Can you imagine what it is like to be her sister and hear about this all the time?

In other news, I'm worried about having enough meds for Thursday. I had a really busy day and forgot to order more and since my dose was increased, I am currently set to be half a vial short on Thursday. I'm not sure if they have one day shipping or not. Oops.


  1. I think you should slap her! She is making way too many people uncomfortable - so why shouldn't she get some feedback about her behavior?!!!

  2. I'm not sure about how the Bravelle vials are (that's what you're on, right?) but my vials of Puregon (Follistim in the States) always have quite a bit more in them than they "should."

  3. I *am* that sister(not literally the one you are talking about...lol). Let me just tell you, being the infertile sister of a fertile myrtle is hell. Especially when *that sister* tells you, "I don't know why God let me be the one who is able to have babies and not you. I never even wanted kids."-To which I looked at her and said, "Me neither." She went on to have 3 kiddos...and my nieces & nephew have had(and are having)a hard life. My sister is one sorry mother--but she has an excuse, she's bi-polar. Funny the way life deals the cards...

  4. Ugh. Your husband is right though. Being her sister must be even worse.

  5. I feel bad for that woman's sister. I hope she is nicer. I hope you have enough drugs to get by!


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