Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I know, I know it has been spring for over a week now. But after the past few weeks I've had, it feels like the sun is just beginning to shine here. Two Thursdays ago I was looped into this project at work and it has been taking over my life. We are writing a grant proposal and have written the whole thing in 2 weeks! I truly can't believe we did it. We will see what happens and if we actually get it. It would be an interesting project. But I was feeling quite overwhelmed with it all.

So overwhelmed, in fact, that I may have outed myself to someone I work with. Yet another I was trying to accomplish last week was resolving some insurance and billing issues related to our IUI. In the process I had to fax something to the billing office at my clinic. No problem, right? Well, I was too rushed to wait to get the confirmation that the fax went through and went straight back to my computer to work feverishly again after sending the fax. I forgot all about how the confirmation page usually prints out the cover page again. A whole two days after I sent the fax, a co-worker came and gave it to me. I hope she didn't pay attention to the "about" line! This is a little used fax machine, but it is right next to the fridge, so many people could have seen it. Ugh. I hope people are just as oblivious as I am. I did not want people at work knowing about this.

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  1. Glad it sounds like the crazy-busy time is over. Congrats on getting the project done in 2 weeks!



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