Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have a bunch of thoughts going through my mind today.

1. Did anyone catch the latest episode of Giuliana and Bill? Yes, I can't stop watching this train wreck. At the beginning of this week's episode, they found out the results of their first IUI. Negative. They spent most of the episode learning about IVF and debating whether to do it. My reaction to this show has been that Giuliana is an idiot and/or extremely superficial while Bill was the one I liked. But after Bill tried to guilt Giuliana into IVF, my opinion of him has gone way down. At least in the part the editors showed, he completely disregarded her fears about IVF and didn't recognize that she had some doubts. If a couple decides to do IVF, that's great for them, but this discussion was all about her expressing doubts and concerns about it and him reinforcing how much he wants a family.

2. Up. I finally saw this movie. It was a cute movie, but honestly my interest went way down once we passed the miscarriage scene. After about 10 minutes in, I was like, "oh, are we really going to watch the rest of the movie now?" I am having a hard time getting over my obsession with all things IF.

3. The Census Bureau is not helping. Since our integrative health workshop last month, I've been thinking about what makes a child "our own" child. Theoretically I am open to adoption but am still at a point emotionally where I would use terms such as "adopted child" and "my own child." I've been trying to work beyond this. And then today I open up our Census form, and guess what it asks? In asking about the relationship between individuals in a household, they make a distinction between biological children and adopted children. Why do they need to do that? I can see distinguishing foster children (although there is no option for that), but why do they need to separate our adopted children?

4. Second acupuncture appointment tomorrow. Actually looking forward to it.

5. I am at a point where I long to do things with children. I really do believe these activities are fun but that you kinda look funny if you show up without kids. So I'm borrowing my nephews and nieces to go kite flying with them on Saturday. DH can't go to that, but he has his own special event on Saturday. My BIL is out of town, so DH is standing in for him and taking our niece to a father-daughter dinner.

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  1. I think that the census form asks that because a) it's a general demographic that may hold interest (% of families with adopted children, # of adoptees) and b) in 72 years - when the information becomes public - people will use the census for genological research, Knowing that someone is adopted makes a big difference to those people.


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