Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new hope

I know at this stage I probably shouldn't have much hope each cycle. It gets disappointing to have AF come again and again. Getting my hopes up only makes it worse.

But still, here I am, calculating my expected due date if we're successful this cycle. Truth be told, I don't particularly want a Christmas baby. Of course I would be thrilled if it were to happen now, even though we had just gone through the stress of telling our families. I can't help but get a little excited once I saw the exact date from the due date predictor. December 28. That was the day of my parents got married. And then the day my half-sister got married. Well, so maybe that's not such a great omen, considering my parents divorced and I'm not even sure my sister knew it was the day her dad married his ex-wife. Is this a sign? If so, of what? Now the waiting game begins. I hate this part.


  1. I have my fingers crossed! Hope this cycle "is it" :)

  2. I'm waiting right along with you, Missy! I have lots of hope this cycle for you, hope the time goes by quickly!

  3. I hope you get your Christmas baby! :)

  4. Hang in there... I know the tww sucks. And as much as it is disappointing when the witch shows up, I think it is the hope we have for each cycle that makes this waiting process bearable.


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