Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring cleaning

OK, the things on my list will probably take me much longer than the spring (in fact, some of them can't be done until the fall), my motivation is in the spirit of clearing things out for spring. Now that my hubby has started his graduate degree, he is occupied most evenings and weekends. So I need to keep myself occupied without him. I figure I can keep myself distracted from TTC-related things, stay out of hubby's way, and beautify our home by tackling all the projects that have been bouncing around my head.

I made a head start this weekend. It may not seem like much, but this is my new gate lock! I'm so proud. You can see where the old gate lock used to be. That one was the kind with the bar that slides back and forth and one day slid so much it fell out and we couldn't find it! Very puzzling since you would think it just be on the ground below the lock. Anyway, we found a better gate latch and now we can keep the gate closed when we want to and even open it from the front! And I only broke one drill bit and stripped one screw.

Now, here's the rest of my very long (too long) list of projects:

  1. sell phone battery
  2. sell bridesmaid dress
  3. apply window film to reduce heat
  4. clean out large closet
  5. organize craft room
  6. make kitchen curtains
  7. make brown skirt
  8. fix brown pants
  9. seed lawn
  10. plant flowers
  11. paint stairway
  12. paint laundry room
  13. paint ceiling in hall bath and stairs
  14. put up shelves in laundry room
  15. put up shelves in small closet
  16. fix fridge (again)
  17. refinance house
  18. insulate crawl space
  19. seal vents in floor
  20. make chalkboard for kitchen
  21. frame spoons for kitchen
  22. frame coffee containers
  23. fix weatherstripping in back door
  24. finish red blanket
  25. finish christmas tree skirt
  26. pick up trimmer
  27. wash windows
  28. wash baseboards
  29. wash fridge
  30. organize shed
  31. seal fence
  32. trim trees on side of house
  33. trim bushes on side of house
  34. hide utility boxes in laundry room
I will update this list as I tackle more projects and hopefully can these things done!


  1. I would totally be proud of myself for that gate lock, too! Way to go!!! :) Looks great!

  2. fabulous list! I hope you get it all accomplished!


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