Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend roundup

It's been a busy weekend. Friday night we went to my sister's as my mom arrived and is staying there. I didn't tell them about our IF problems then b/c my sister actually threw together a last minute slightly late 2nd birthday party for my nephew and there were lots of people there. It was a good night.

Although I still can't escape IF discussion. During the night, my sister was telling a story about my BIL's cousin and his wife. We've never met this cousin before, but my sister is always mentioning them b/c she thinks we have a lot in common with them. After her story, she mentioned that they just adopted a baby b/c they couldn't have one on their own. On the way home, DH was like "yeah, we have in common with them then she knows."

Saturday we painted one wall of our kitchen red. The others are yellow and the red wall is the one you see from down the hall and it makes our long hallway look shorter, which is great. I decided a few months ago that if I can't have a baby when I want, at least I can have a pretty house. So each month after AF I'm going to paint some part of our house. And since we already had the paint from when we painted our fireplace the same color, it was a no-cost makeover! I'll post pictures once I get the kitchen back in order today.

Saturday night we bought tickets to a play. Now, I didn't know the topic of the play before we bought the tickets, I just read that it won the 2006 Pulitizer, so I figured it must be good. Turns out, the topic was about a couple that lost their 4 year old child. Yeah, just what we needed to hear about. I realize of course that as bad as seeing month after month of BFN is, losing your child is even worse, but still. And then to make it even worse, the second major plot point in the play was that the mother's irresponsible younger sister was pregnant! So it had all the feelings of sadness, jealousy, etc that I'm feeling now anyway. Despite the subject matter, I still enjoyed the play and the acting was superb. And I cried my eyes out, although the good news is that it was mostly feeling the actor's pain rather than my own. That was actually quite refreshing, as it turns out.


  1. Ooh I am excited to see pictures of the kitchen with the red wall!

    Glad the play was good even with the subject matter.

    I saw family today and it is always ten times harder to deal with the wait when we see them- I want to give them a grandchild right now!

  2. I love red walls - especially in the kitchen, for some reason... Can't wait to see photos! And I'm glad you had a good weekend, even if the play was kind of a downer.

  3. I loved how you said it was refreshing to cry for the actor's pain and not your own...I can relate to that, and it was a wonderful way to phrase it.

    Can't wait to see the red wall! :)


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