Friday, March 6, 2009


I try to remind myself all the things I have to be grateful for. Dwelling on just the negatives of IF can start a downward spiral that I don't want to do. So there are two things I'm particularly grateful for now.

1. Loving and supportive husband: He is the best thing I have. He is just as eager to find a solution and have a baby as I am. I hear so much from others suffering with IF that their husbands are only going through this for them and are not really eager to keep moving forward. But my hubby is there 100%. In fact, he seems to be doing more research online than I am! I know he also feels guilty that he is the cause of our problems and I wish I could take that away.

2. Relative financial stability: It seems odd at this time in our economy to talk about financial stability, but in general we are doing OK. We are not worried about losing our jobs right now, although we both got notices that no one in our companies are getting raises this year. Still, we are not hurting for money now. We were already preparing for the added expense of raising a baby, but now we have to worry about how expensive it will be to get a baby. So it is nice to have a little bit of cushion as we proceed.

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