Sunday, March 15, 2009


OK, I've always prided myself on not stressing over my weight. I say pride b/c I've had anorexic and bulimic friends and the constant worry over weight is not worth it. I do try to eat healthy and walk to work when the weather is tolerable. It's not like I'm terribly unhealthy. But still, I'm overweight for my height.

I also find my battle with my weight slightly ironic. First I gained about 10 pounds when I started hormones to avoid getting pregnant (birth control pills). I was very excited to see some weight loss when I stopped BCP, but of course no dice. Now I've gained 5 pounds since starting hormones to get me pregnant (clomid). I can't win either way.

I'm hesitant to make my weight public. Society has drilled in us pretty strongly the idea that being overweight makes us unattractive and undeserving. I don't buy into that (at least not consciously). But I don't want my weight to serve as a barrier to our ultimate goal, having a baby. So if losing my extra pounds will make it even a teeny tiny bit more likely to get pregnant, I'm going for it. It certainly isn't the oddest thing we area doing in this process.

So I'm putting my starting point out there. I need some accountability and figure this is the best way to get it. Let it begin.

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  1. I hope the weight loss goes well:) I find that doing activities which I at least somewhat enjoy always makes it easier to be active and fit. Do you have a swimming pool near you? That is my favorite way to burn a few calories.


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