Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I spent part of Sunday going over our finances and felt really good about where we were in terms of saving for the adoption. Even started looking into options for increasing our retirement savings. Monday I did our taxes. Ugh. There goes our savings account. My last hope is that by my rough calculations, we should be able to deduct some medical expenses from all our fertility treatments in 2010. I am starting the process now of going through all our receipts and figuring out how much we can actually document. We tried to keep all documents, but some was reimbursed by our FSA and so there are many pieces of paper to go through. And it has been a year, so some things could have been misplaced. Double ugh.


  1. This time of year is always challenging for our finances, and this year is no exception. I hope you are able to find all the documentation you need to claim your medical expences.

  2. Oh no! :(

    I tracked all of our expenses for fertility treatments in 2010 - don't forget you can deduct mileage and prescriptions. I hope you can find a lot of receipts!


  3. Good luck with documenting everything. I would love to be able to do this, but I don't think we kept very good track of everything.


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