Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hillary Clinton

I was surprised to read recently that Hillary Clinton had endometriosis and the Clintons experienced infertility and wanted more kids other than Chelsea. She even admitted to thinking of ways to expand their family while they were in the White House! Could you imagine a caseworker showing up in the WH for a home study? Or what about being a birthmother and going through profiles only to see the president and first lady?! Now I think the Obamas are doing the best they can with small kids, but that is not exactly the best situation in which to raise a child.

Also, I voted for Obama in both the primary and the general election and am glad we had some major health insurance reform, but it did make me wonder how a President Hillary Clinton might have inserted IF coverage in there.

And since we are on the topic of health care reform, the recent court ruling has me concerned. One, I don't want to see the law overturned. But more importantly to my own self interest, the extension of the adoption tax credit was in the health care law. So if the whole thing is overturned, what does that do to the tax credit?


  1. Wow, I had no idea that the Clintons dealt with IF. That is an interesting point of inflection regarding the possibility of added IF coverage... perhaps someday.

  2. It concerns me that if our top politicians and wives who have delt with IF have not done anything about changing health care coverage for infertility then no one will. It makes me sad that Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton were in a position of power and didn't do anything to further the IF cause.


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