Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, I survived the weekend with my mom. Actually, it was a good weekend. I was just worried about her finding my meds and asking all these questions. Her partner can't go upstairs very well, so in all their past visits they stay in our bedroom on the first floor and we stay in the guest room. So I moved all my supplies up to the closet in the guest bedroom and hid them under some blankets. I didn't think there was anyway she would get so sneaky as to look in that spot. And then one of the first things she said when they got off the plane is that they do better on stairs now and so can stay in our guest bedroom! We insisted that they stay in our room anyway, so it was all clear from that angle.

And then she wanted me to spend practically the whole weekend playing with my iPad and wanting me to show her how to use FB. I wouldn't mind this normally, but she was going systemically through my apps and I was worried she would open up my blog reader app and start looking all of your posts! And I have just recently made a few FB comments to "come out of the closet" with our IF and didn't want her to see those either. She does know, but I didn't want to start a conversation about it.

But we survived and at least she didn't seem to catch on to anything I didn't want her to see. Now we trigger tonight and she is safely tucked away at my sister's house. So I am free to open up that tinfoil wrapped package in the back of the fridge to get the trigger.


  1. That must have been great, when she came and suggested they could stay in the guest room... I'm glad you made it through the weekend fine.

  2. Whew, glad you made it! I, too, don't want to talk about IF at all with my mom...she knows we're having trouble TTC but that's it. I would be feeling the same way if she came to visit for the weekend.

  3. Glad the weekend went well. I hate having to hide all my stuff and stress about people finding stuff. Good luck!


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