Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good and bad

First the good news. My brother has returned from Afghanistan! It is so nice to have him back on US soil. I hope to see him in a few weeks.

Now the bad news. My plans to see him are tied up with scheduling a trip for this project I am working on (it is near where he lives). But that travel has been postponed until after Thanksgiving. The even worse news? Because this trip was supposed to be before Thanksgiving, we were taking a break this month and then doing another IUI next month. Well, now that won't work at all. Ugh. And we will be traveling for Christmas, so that probably wipes out the cycle after that as well.


  1. I'm glad that your brother is back. But sorry about the non-cycling. Hoping that 2011 will be your year!

  2. Me too--SO glad your brother is home safe but boooo for messed up IUI plans. Oh well, maybe a mental and physical break will work out okay?


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