Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, my meeds arrived on time, so I've been taking 150 units for the past few days. I had one 16mm follie and a few others around 13,14 on the right. And the left is even starting to get in the game. But I am definitely feeling the effects. I feel like I am about to explode. Or at least that I wish I could let all this out.

In other news I took my oldest niece shopping for her 13th birthday last night. It was so fun to spend some one on one time with her! We both bought a few things and I didn't even have to object to any inappropriate clothing. My mom and her partner arrive tomorrow, so we will spend tonight hiding my meds and sharps container so they won't find anything.


  1. That's a great response to the meds! :) I hope you're not too uncomfortable this weekend, though - hang in there.

  2. Good luck this month Missy!!! So many people are hoping and praying for you--I hope it's enough!

  3. Shopping with your niece sounds great! And good luck hiding meds and side effects from your mom...

  4. Sounds like you are responding well to the meds! Good luck with your mom's visit and hiding all of the stuff from her!


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