Sunday, April 18, 2010


This weekend was quite a busy one for us. We live in a popular neighborhood and were asked about 6 weeks ago to open our home for the neighborhood home tour. We were happy to do it since we live on the northern edge of the neighborhood and wanted to show people that this side has things to offer as well and to get to know more neighbors.

Well, little did we know that this event would take up the entire weekend! It started Friday evening with a cocktail party with all the people whose homes were on the tour and a short tour of our homes since we would be busy the next day and wanted a chance to see each other's homes. Saturday started early with breakfast (which I missed because I was trying to fit in my last marathon training session before race day next weekend!) and then the tour for 6 hours. And then Saturday night was another party.

While exhausting, it was also a ton of fun. We had a lot of great comments on our house and it was funny because things we never liked actually attracted other people because it added "character". I guess we all have different tastes.

Despite the fun we had overall, there were several hard parts for this infertile over here. First was just the large number of small children running around, always reminding me that we moved into this neighborhood partly for its family-friendliness. And of course that was pounded into us again and again as almost every couple we started talking with would say what they love best about the neighborhood is how great it is for kids.

And then there were all the comments about our house that reminded me why we bought such a big house in the first place. Many people asked, "oh, you don't have any kids? But there is all this space?" Or, "this is so big for just the two of you." Or, perhaps the hardest to hear as people notice we have his and her offices (mine is actually an office/sewing/craft room), "wow, how great to each have your own space! Now that we have kids, we have no room for our own space."

Sigh. Many of these comments were hard to take. We did buy this big house thinking we would grow into it. That was three years ago. And there is no growing family in sight.


  1. Oh Missy - that's so hard to take! I hope you get to fill your house up with little footsteps and laughter really soon.
    In the meantime I would love to see pics of your fabulous house!
    Good luck with the marathon!
    My, you are busy!

  2. Ugh... it sucks that IF can take joy out of so many aspects of our lives. I hope you have some good moments from this weekend that you can carry with you.

    I second the request to see some pics of your beautiful home.

  3. It must have been very hard to swallow all the comments and keep smiling. Don't you just hate all the little reminders!

    Apart from all the comments, it does sound like it was a good weekend.

  4. Wow, I'm not sure I would have handled those comments very well!! We're in the same position- 3 bedrooms sitting empty!!!

  5. Oh Missy, I hear you. The apartment we bought is WAY too big for just hubs and me. Every time someone visits they make the comment that it's so much space and we need some kiddos to fill it up. Um, yeah, we know. That's awesome that you're doing a marathon next weekend!!!! And glad the weekend flew by. xo

  6. Your day is coming and there will be little feet running up and down the halls.

    Your house must be pretty cool to be on a home tour. Our sub-division is all the same with a few different floor plans. Boring.

  7. That must have been hard
    I am hoping to go to Dublin on Friday for a hen weekend. I have never been before. It should be great fun, as long as the planes are flying again!!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend, but sorry about all the comments and reminders of IF. We also bought a bigger place (city-big, so not all that big!) with the intention of filling it with children. The empty bedrooms are a sad reminder of what we don't have. Soon enough, though, hopefully we will!


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