Thursday, April 22, 2010

Double ACK!

I've had quite an afternoon. Actually, I didn't really do much other than procrastinate at work, but it seemed eventful with all the things running around in my head.

First, I found out my very favorite band, the Barenaked Ladies, will be giving a concert in my hometown at this great venue. I am semi-obsessed with BNL and this venue would be an awesome place to see the show. Of course they give great shows anyway! The catch? It is during a week when I am scheduled to be about 3 hours away for work. I am driving there, so am thinking maybe there is a way I can go up Sunday, come back Monday afternoon, and then drive during the night to make it back for a Tuesday morning meeting. Is that crazy? I've been trying to find other places where I could go see them, from a city a few hours away where DH and I could take a long weekend trip, to cities several states away where I could try to arrange a trip to see my sister or cousin! I told you I am obsessed. But the venue here would be the best.

After I calmed down about potentially them in my own city, I checked the weather for this weekend. My half marathon is on Saturday and they have been forecasting rain. Of course it is so hard to forecast several days ahead, so I figure today's might actually be somewhat accurate. And what do you know, but the first thing I saw was a special weather statement! Not just thunderstorms, but severe storms, hail, and possibly tornadoes! I'm panicking and trying to figure out what to wear. I am not experienced in marathons at all, so this is all new.

I picked up my race bib tonight and they did have a booth selling these white hazmat looking suits that are supposed to be rain proof. I could not bring myself to buy them just for the look of it. DH was giving me a hard time b/c he has no problem looking foolish to stay comfortable in severe weather, but my California upbringing makes severe weather so unlikely that the concept of looking foolish for it does not make sense. I did not buy it, but am thinking of going back tomorrow for it.


  1. I hope you get to see BNL!! There is nothing better than seeing your favorite band live in a great venue.

    I hope the weather holds out for the weekend. In CA, we only got .2 inches of rain for the three days storms, thunder, hail, etc. was predicted. I'll be thinking clear skies for you! Good luck!

  2. From one BNL freak to another... do whatever you have to do to see them in concert! I've seen them three times (twice from the front row) and they are the best show... EVER!

  3. I think you should go back and get one, that weather forecast sounds nasty.

    Good luck with the half marathon tomorrow.

  4. Are you doing the 1/2 for the CMM? My dad is one of the cyclist accompany-ers for the elite/celebrity runners, and he was just telling me that was the forecast- he is NOT excited!!

    (From my 2 marathon, 2 half marathon experiences, if it is truly "severe" weather, they will probably cancel the race...)


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