Sunday, April 11, 2010


My RE does not work on weekends. So far it hasn't created any missed opportunities for us. But now I am worried we are going to miss this IUI. Especially since I can't convince my RE to schedule an appointment before this Wednesday for monitoring. This is a problem since I will be on CD 16 by then! When I realized no matter how much I argued for an earlier appointment, she wouldn't budge, I decided on my own to start the clo.mid later than she suggested. Just by one day, so I am doing days 4-8. I haven't heard anyone else taking it days on these days, but she didn't want me to wait until days 5-9 and I didn't feel comfortable starting on day, so this was my compromise. My RE did tell me to take OPKs and to call first thing Monday morning if I had a positive on Sunday or Monday. If I had a positive on Saturday we would just miss our chance. Luckily I had negatives on Saturday. But today I had something very close to a positive OPK. The test line is just slightly less dark than the control line, but they are close. I'm calling it negative now, but am guessing it will be darker later today or tomorrow. So I am calling first thing in the morning for hopefully an IUI tomorrow. This is so frustrating!

In acupuncture news, has anyone ever had a needle bleed when it was taken out? There was a little bit of blood last week in my appointment and now I have a bruise on that spot.

I am still training for my half marathon. Yesterday I walked 10 miles! It was a beautiful and I am just hoping for the same weather on race day. Only two weeks to go.


  1. I'm sorry that this cycle and your RE schedule is being so frustrating! Will they do a monitoring u/s when you get a positive OPK? I would definitely call them first thing in the morning, even if it isn't quite positive yet.

    I have had an acupuncture needle bleed and bruise. I asked the acupuncturist about it and she didn't seem concerned.

    Great job on your last long mile day! Rest and relax for the next couple weeks. You will have a great race in Nashville! It's a fun course with lots of support and bands along the way. I did it in 2005 with my DH and my dad and step-mom and we all had fun!

  2. Argh! I'm sorry that your RE isn't being a team player. I will be praying that tomorrow will be a go and that things will go VERY well.

    I am so impressed with your motivation and commitment to the half marathon!

  3. The whole timing issue sounds a bit stessful, I hope it works out.

    I always bleed on one particular spot when the acupuncture needle is removed. I think it is perfectly normal. I also have quite a few bruises. My acupuncturist warned me of bruises before I started so I was expecting them.

    Good luck with the remainder of the half marathon training.

  4. I'm sorry your RE's office isn't accommodating. This is just my two cents, but I think your RE should be available on the weekends. It doesn't seem right that you are on a medicated cycle and could potentially miss your opportunity for IUI. I really hope it doesn't become an issue.
    As for the blood, it happened to me twice and both times I also got a little bruise. I think it just means the needle nicked a capillary.
    Can't wait to hear about your big race in a few weeks. Fingers crossed for good weather!

  5. I'm sorry that your RE not being open on weekends almost caused a problem. I'm glad it worked out okay though.

    About the bleeding, i think it can just happen, and there's nothing to worry about. It happens to my husband from time to time from injecting his insulin, but it's never been anything to worry about.

  6. Oh sweetie, this totally sucks, I just went through it last month!! I hope it all works out for you, I totally get your frustration.

  7. According to my acupuncturist the bleeding/bruising happens when the needle breaks the blood vessels. I think it's pretty common and it's nothing to worry about. I just was sure to ask why she was beating me up! I hate hearing about RE's who just aren't accommodating. It doesn't make any sense to me that something that needs to be so precisely timed should be put off for 2 days. Fingers crossed for you!


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