Friday, October 23, 2009


So we have termites. Obviously this can cause some problems in our house. But you know what bugs (pun intended) me the most? Termite control people have no sense of landscaping. Yeah, sure their first priority should be to get rid of the termites. But can't they put a little effort into not making the front of your house look like a big termite trap?

I discovered the termites in our mulch while planting some seeds and bulbs, in hopes of having a beautiful house with great curb appeal in the spring when everything blooms. They put not one, but three of those in-ground tubes right where I planted the bulbs, as well as where I planted the seeds. First, I don't know why they had to put 3 in one place. But more to the point, why couldn't they put them slightly to the side so they would be behind existing bushes? There is another spot in our front yard where they put them behind a bush, so they are less noticeable.

I was so looking forward to my flowers. Oh well, I guess now I can just look forward to a termite-free house.


  1. Gah! You have been working so hard on your garden! I am so sorry... not to mention the added expense and frustration of termites!

  2. That really sucks! How crass your termite trappers are! I am sorry that this may disrupt the beauty of your spring garden:(
    by the way, I am impressed that you found and identified them yourself- hopefully before they did too much damage.

  3. Eek! Termites? I don't think we get them in my part of the country...but they sound awful! Sorry they ruined your garden, what a bummer. And you just planted all those bulbs!!

  4. uggh! such an un-fun problem, and the fact that it has an ugly solution is also un-fun!

  5. ICK! Back when I had a garden my only problem was the neighborhood kids running through the yard and jumping the fence. Which may have been worth it the first time my husband yelled, "hey kid, get off my lawn!" Hope the termites go away.


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