Monday, October 5, 2009

McDonald's in Paris

So the Louvre museum in Paris is getting a McDonald's. Most people who have talked about this news today make some joke about the refinement of the Louvre not meshing with what McDonald's is about. Believe or not, I have to stand up to McDonald's.

It's not that I'm McDonald's biggest fan (although they do have the best french fries). But the only time I can say I was truly impressed by a fast food restaurant was at a McDonald's in Paris. Actually this one was just a few blocks from the Louvre on the Champs-Elysees. This was not your normal McDonald's. First, the entrance was on the first floor, but the restaurant itself was on the second floor. There were greeters on the first floor pointing the way upstairs. But they had headsets and were not wearing the traditional uniform. And the stairs are like a steel cage. The whole thing felt more like you are entering a club.

The club feeling continued inside the restaurant. The menu had all the usual items (although in French), but rather than the tacky old menus, they had video screens that flashed different menu items and little mini videos. When you picked up your food and sat down, there were more video screens playing music videos. I was traveling along on that trip and sat at a counter with a row of stools. At each place was a set of headphones where you could listen to music while you ate. You would not believe this unless you saw it yourself.


  1. Most of the McD's in Germany also only use video screens and they all have flat screen TVs with music videos playing. I think certain things are a "must" here that just aren't neccesary in the States. In the end though it still tastes like McDonalds LOL.

  2. Oh I am so glad it tastes like mcdonalds in germany! In korea they change the menu to suit their culture and it tastes like poopy!

  3. Some things are different but a "good" different. For example the Big N Tastys have this yummy cheese sauce- add bacon to the mix and it fulfills most cravings:D


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