Wednesday, October 21, 2009


DH and I were enjoying our new espresso machine. We found another great deal on with this machine. Of course I've been drinking mostly decaf, but we still love having a hot drink with muffins on a weekend morning. While we were looking up reviews of this espresso machine to see if it was a good deal, we saw references to some monkey poo coffee. Apparently, this creature (not really a monkey, more like a cat) in Indonesia eats berries that contain coffee beans. The beans travel through the digestive system, come out the other side, and make some great coffee. And really expensive coffee.

Now we've never tried it or even seen a place where we could try it, but my sister the Starbucks barista said this poo coffee is all the rage. I'm not exactly eager to try it, but what I do want to know is how this coffee was discovered. These types of discoveries always intrigue me. Who sees coffee beans in the fecal matter of some obscure animal and thinks "hmm, I bet that is some good coffee"?

What about you fellow bloggers? What discovery/invention always makes you wonder how it was discovered?


  1. My thing has always been cheese. I mean, really, what person thought that it would make sense to allow milk to curdle, and basically start to go bad, and oh yeah, spread it on a cracker?

  2. I wanna know what kind of espresso maker you got and if it was affordable. I would love one but hear that the really hot ones are beaucoup bucks:) funny about the monkey poop coffee - apparently I am not in the loop but the thought of a latte just raised my spirits!


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