Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome ICLWers!

Welcome to visitors from ICLW! Here's a little bit about me.

The hubster and I have been married for 4 years and trying to conceive for just over one year. We started seeing an RE last January. I have ovulatory IF, which basically means unexplained. Our treatment so far has not been very aggressive, but we are working our way to IUI soon.

And I do have a life outside of IF. My job involves a lot of research, and I like to read and crochet in my spare time. Right now I spend a lot of time on my Wii Fit and watching HGTV.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comments to my blog, Missy -- I appreciate your honesty.

    And I love HGTV, too! What sorts of things do you crochet? I like to knit, but I could never figure out how to make more than a chain with a crochet hook...!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I read a few posts and I really like your honesty. I also hate is evil and I hate baby/pregnancy updates! I hate school busses too! :)


  3. Thanks for your wishes on my blog! Good luck with your journey!



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