Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another month

Another month, another set of hopes dashed. I guess I shouldn't have really expected anything since we had to forgo the meds these past two cycles due to bad timing. But what is left if we don't have any hope?

I'm feeling very conflicted right now. Our RE has said we can move forward as we wish. She gave me a prescription for fem.ara saying we try that for a few cycles and then move on to IUI whenever we want. On the one hand, I'm scared to move on to more aggressive measures like IUI. It just seems like things will get much more complicated much more quickly. I'm anxious and scared and worried about it. On the other hand, part of me is thinking that I just want the next two cycles of fe.mara to hurry up and get them over with so we can move on to IUI. But if I really wanted to start with IUI, there is nothing stopping me.

Except for me. There's the dilemma.


  1. I'm sorry, Missy. I think we all want to be one of those "miracles" out there that finally gets our BFP on a non-medicated cycle. I'm beginning to think it's an urban myth!

  2. an IUI isn't too bad at all, just getting the guys up there at the right time. good luck with whatever you decide :)

  3. It does seem like such a big jump to go from taking a pill for a few days to making a baby in the doctor's office.

    If you're not ready to leap yet, you're not ready. Maybe plan on this one with meds and see how you are feeling about the next cycle if this one doesn't work? I don't know.

  4. :( So sorry to hear about your struggles. Hopefully we can both get our BFPs soon.

  5. I'm sorry Missy!! I hope you gain some clarity soon, perhaps after this cycle you will have a better idea of how to go forward. Good luck!

  6. I hear you. Where to jump into treatments is such a tough decision that my DH and I constantly discuss and second guess.


  7. Here to offer a (((HUG))) and to let you know I'm thinking of you, I read your posts on the TTC 6+ thread and felt my heart sink :/ I think the Femara is a good idea, it seems to have worked for others before... and I understand the hesitation to jump in to an IUI, as well as the conflicted emotions... it's a jump into a whole different pool.

    Here's hoping you don't get to the IUI because you get your BFP with the Femara :)

  8. Missy - big hugs! I am so sorry it did not work on the "magical" unmedicated cycle.
    Your profile says you have ovulatory infertility but I am not sure exactly what that means for you. Knowing a bit more might give more insight into the next step. Just curious. Having done all IUIs and IVF I am used to the medically invasive issue, but I understand it's difficult from going "au naturelle" at home to a doctor's office. I know it must be hard for the guys to have to hand over the goods to someone else to deal with.
    IUIs like a PP said are all about getting the goods as near to the eggs as possible at the exactly right time - so it can be really helpful. Were you doing a trigger shot -and what were you doing about timing before? Sorry if I missed all the answers in previous posts. I hope that you can come to some kind of resolution that feels right for you and DH. Take care of yourself:) Hoping you can figure out what to do so that next month is easier:)


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