Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rolling, rolling rolling...

Ahem. Yes,  I am still here. It seems I've fallen into the usual condition of bloggers who recently became parents. Because while I do manage to read blogs, I seem to not be able to find the time to comment much or give an update here. I will admit that part of my lack of updating is that it was hard to figure out what to blog about. I mean Seven has been changing all the time, so there was everything to update. But yet in some ways it seemed like nothing to update. I mean, how do you choose what to highlight when it seems like everything is different.

But today was a milestone. It started about 3 weeks ago when I went to check on Seven sleeping and noticed he had rolled from his back to his side. First it was a rare occurrence. And then in the past week he started rolling to his side regularly. We were happy with his progress and E predicted he would roll over all the way in another 2 weeks.

And then today I heard from my sister that my niece who is 5 weeks older than Seven first rolled over a month ago. My competitive juices started flowing. I decided he needed a little coaching. This evening I rolled him over to show him how it was done. Then we let him go at it. E was using the mirror to motivate him to go to his side. He was looking so good rolling over to side again and again that I got out the camera to film him. Even just rolling to his side was cute. I switched to video and then 30 seconds later he rolled all the way over! We were speechless and then cheered. I think Seven got a little overwhelmed about why we were so excited. It was so funny. But we are so proud of our roller!


  1. Yay for Seven!! (did you mean to print his real name at the end of your post?) Watch out, Momma, he's on the move now!

    I know when Ginny was wee, and her little cousin who was born two months after her started rolling from front to back before her, I was more than a bit competitive. :) It's the plague of mummy-hood I think.

  2. Pleased he is doing so well and rolling already! X


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