Thursday, June 7, 2012

3 months

Our dear Seven is 3 months old today! It seems like it has been much longer but also such a whirlwind. Yesterday I visited my campus coffeehouse for the first time since coming back to work. I used to visit nearly every day before Seven's birth.  They remembered my order! At first I thought, "wow, it's been over 4 months since I've been here and they still remember-what great service!" And then I remembered, it's only been 3 months. Yeah, I know how old my baby is...

Seven is changing all the time. It is funny because we get so many comments that he is so small. And it is true that he is small for his age and still pretty young. So as babies go, the truth is he is small. But every time I hear someone say that, I think it is strange because he seems so big to me now. His body seems to have grown much more than the mere 3 inches the official length as increased. His legs are almost always extended now and he has a neck now. He is alert for most of the day. Much different from the scrunched up sleeping ball of baby we brought home from the hospital.

Seven definitely knows his mama. And yes, I love it. His smile lights up his whole face and he loves getting kisses. He often has this look on his face like he is trying to say something but it just won't come out. He is quite a smart little baby. He met some older kids who were blowing bubbles and when they put the wand up to his mouth, you could tell he knew what to do but couldn't figure out how to get his mouth to do the right thing.

He likes being outside and seeing the world go by. We try to enjoy the nice weather we are having by eating outside when we can and going for short hikes. He really likes his rattle, although prefers to put it in his mouth rather than shake it. He is slowing starting to like taking a bath. What he loves most of all are funny noises and singing. Nothing calms him down like me singing his name in this certain melody I created. And trust me, my vocals don't exactly wow most crowds. But he loves it.

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