Saturday, December 31, 2011


We have been trying to keep ourselves busy during this waiting period by doing some work on our house. Mostly, this is related to getting the nursery set up. First, we refinished a dresser. I didn't take a before picture, but this was a dresser I bought for only a few dollars several years ago. You will have to trust me that the finish was horrible and the handles were ugly. But I was in grad school and didn't make much money then, so I wasn't too picky. It was a sturdy piece of furniture and did it's job well. I think we were pretty successful in giving it a new life.

Next, we tackled my craft area. Like many people going through infertility, we've had a house that was way too big for two people. So we each had our own room to do what we wanted with it. Now one of our extra rooms is being turned into the nursery (finally!). And that means we need to consolidate our other rooms. What is now my office/craft room, will now be our shared office and guest room. The second floor of our house is actually a converted attic, so there are some rather large closets where the ceiling comes down at an angle due to the roof. Because I have the best husband ever, we decided to turn one closet into a craft closet.

Here is the "before." The closet is L-shaped. And picture it filled floor to ceiling with empty boxes that for some reason I can't get rid of. Here is one half of the closet:

And the other half, this is even with some boxes removed:

And the "after"! This is the same angle as the first picture above.

And the "after" of the second angle of the closet:

Here are some close-ups:

We used curtain rods to hold my ribbon. And the wire rack and pink magnetic strips came from the Con.tainer S.tore. My dearest hubby built the cubby holes. I have always wanted something like in my house. I love them!


  1. Wow! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!! How clever you both are! I want to hear more about your craftiness! Here's hoping the nursery, which I am sure is just as cute, gets to meet its cute new occupant very soon!

  2. I have jealousy oozing from every pore over your craft closet!

  3. Oh my gosh it is GORGEOUS, Missy! I have closet envy!!! What beautiful things you can create in such an inspiring and organized space!

  4. I can't believe I missed this- it looks gorgeous and amazing!!


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