Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting ready

OK, now I am moving into a new stage of overwhelming-ness (not a word, but it is what I feel). I had coffee with a friend today who has many friends in the medical field. She told me how she is sending our profile to all these people she thinks could be helpful (nurses, etc). And one friend in our area who also adopted and had a match in only two weeks through a lawyer. So she is putting me in touch with her. I left thinking how great this friend is, even though to be honest we only met recently so don't know each other that well. But I also left thinking, "wow, I might actually have a baby soon." And the whole freakout commenced with me thinking I need to start getting ready. Plus we had lunch with my in-laws on Sunday for father's day and my mother in law is bursting at the seams to buy us nursery furniture. Our plan is to buy things as we wait but give them to my in-laws to store until we need them so we don't have all these baby things in our house as reminders.

So I took a little tour around a baby store site today and left not even knowing which way to go. Bassinets, cradles, and co-sleepers, oh my! Any advice out there? What did you do for the baby's first 6 months? I am a total liberal, crunchy, yuppie and it seems all my friends who fit that are into co-sleeping. But everything I read about co-sleeping says it goes along with breastfeeding and we are not doing that. The co-sleepers I see online really just seem to be bassinets that you place next to the bed. Not exactly revolutionary in my mind. And we have a very high bed so it might not work with our bed anyway.


  1. For cosleeping, there are some in bed insert type things you can get that sort of separates the baby from you, but everyone is in bed (mom and dad on each side). A few years ago one of those products was a SnuggleNest, but baby products change so quickly I don't know what they have now. Once the baby is strong enough (six months, maybe), I'd recommend just disassembling your bed and sleeping on the floor on your mattress so you don't have to worry about accidents. We brought our daughter home at 1 year and cosleeping was a really good way to bond. It's a tough habit to break after 6ish months, though...I hope you are both heavy sleepers or your baby isn't a thrasher :) How great your profile is getting out there!

  2. How exciting! I hope things will happen quickly for you now!
    I do like the idea of those arms reach cosleepers - it means the baby is safe in his/ her own space yet it's part of your bed and you can get to them quickly. True, cosleeping is especially handy when you're BFing, but even if you're not I think it's nice to have baby close by and be able to soothe and cuddle them as needed.


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