Monday, June 13, 2011

Both of them

I knew it as soon as I saw the text from my sister. I didn't need to read the text to know what the "news" was that she mentioned. The phone call from my brother was a little harder to read. I did just send him the video I filmed at his wedding. Maybe he was calling about that. And he did have a question about that. But then he mentioned our sister's text. And I knew there was more to the story. My brand new sister in law is pregnant as well. Both of them. Two weeks apart. They can share the whole process. Cousins to grow up together. Why can't that be me?

My other brother had a hard time at our youngest brother's wedding. It can be difficult to be the only sibling not married. I tried to make him feel better but didn't want to make myself too vulnerable in the process. But I know this is how he felt on that day.

**Updated to add: Now I need to take back anything bad I've ever said about my stepmom. She called this evening to see how I was feeling and let me know that her and my dad know this can be hard for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that phone call.


  1. Gack. Sorry babe - that is rough indeed.

  2. Wow, that is so hard:(
    Instant family without any trying, that's too much.
    Do any of them know about your journey? I think you were telling everyone you were adopting so maybe yes?

  3. Oh Missy, I can imagine that felt like a punch to the gut (x2). (((HUGS)))

  4. Oh, my heart sank from just reading your title. I am so sorry for the grief and loneliness you feel. I was so touched that your step-mom called.

  5. That is so hard, Missy. I hope you'll be bringing your baby home at the same time, so you'll be able to share in parenting with them and this hardship can be turned into a benefit. ((HUGS)) And how wonderful about your step-Mom, hopefully the rest of the family will be as sensitive in the months to come.


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