Saturday, December 11, 2010

One week

(with apologies to BNL)

It's been one week since she looked at me,
Cocked her head to the side and measured my ovary.
Five days since you triggered me, saying
Don't be together but come back and see me.
3 days since the IUI,
I realized it's all my hopes could be filled but couldn't think it.
Yesterday, the doubts began,
But it'll still be 10 days til we know for sure.

Stickity bravelle, the needle is stickin'
Have an ultrasound and see my follies kickin'
Watchin' Guiliani with no lights on
We're dans la maison
I hope the IVF works in this one.
With all these meds I'm gettin' frantic.
Can't do yoga that is tantric,
Because I'm all about the ovaries.
You try to stimulate, get the ovidrel,
and then they bust through.
Gonna make a break and take a fake,
I'd like a stinkin' achin' shake.
I like chocolate cuz it's the richest of the flavors.
Gettin' ultrasound, cause then they'll know,
The vertigo is gonna grow.
Confused whose sperm it is,
You'll have to sign a waiver.

It's been one week since the trigger shot,
Pushed my ovary along and said that it's time.
5 days since the IUI, I've still got the socks I wore in the stirrups.
3 days since the symptoms came,
I realized it's early, but what could I do?
Yesterday, I blogged about it,
But it'll still be 5 days til we know for sure.


  1. This is so good! Awesome job. I hope the rest of the 2ww goes by quickly for you.

  2. What a good way to pass the time! Hoping it goes by fast!


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