Friday, December 17, 2010

Not this time

I was not supposed to test until Sunday, but I couldn't resist this morning. BFN. Again. I also started spotting. Ugh. Just let this be over by Christmas Eve.

In other news, remember my assistant with her new grandbaby? The past two days she made me watch about 4 videos of the baby eating. Apparently she is eating more foods now and deciding what she likes or doesn't like. The thing is, even if it wasn't painful to think about babies, I wouldn't be interested in repeated videos of a baby eating.

After the latest video yesterday, I must not have seemed too enthused because then she started to explain that she gets so excited over the baby because her daughter was trying for a while and used fertility treatments, so this baby was long wished for. I did sneak in, ever so slightly, that I know what that feels like, although it wasn't clear if she caught it. I don't know if I should say more. She has also made a couple of references to going baby crazy if I ever have a baby.


  1. So sorry that it wasn't this cycle :(

    As for your assistant, that's difficult... I think I would tend to over-share, but one never knows if one would regret that later... Maybe you can somehow communicate to her that this is a sensitive topic and that she should let it rest for a bit? (Easier said than done, I know)

  2. I'm so sorry this wasn't it, Missy. Thinking of you today and will be thinking of you over the holidays. I know it is so hard :( I'm so sorry :(

  3. I'm sorry this cycle wasn't it. That stinks. ugh, on having to watch someones video of a baby eating. I hope she did catch it when you said you know the pain of waiting.

  4. I am SO sorry Missy. I have been thinking of you this whole cycle and hoping it would be it. I hope you still manage to have a nice Christmas with your husband. I really hope 2011 is the year for you.


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