Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FSH class

We had our FSH class this afternoon for our upcoming IUI cycle. I was nervous about this after reading everyone's stories, but left thinking that this is something I can do. It was not as daunting as I was expecting, although who knows how I will feel when I am actually mixing the meds and getting the needle ready. It did get a little confusing when she talked about splitting a vial, but they seemed ready to help us at every step.

We did decide to go the mixing meds ourselves route rather than use a pen. We are starting on a low dose, so I was debating about whether the extra cost was worth it. But then the nurse indicated that if we mix it ourselves, they can give us $250 worth of meds right then. That was the dealbreaker for me. Now I have 5 days worth of meds ready to go.


  1. You'll be a pro by day 2! It's only daunting the first couple of times.

  2. You will do fine. I did all my own injections and you amaze yourself how easy it becomes. First one is always scary, but never as bad as you think!
    Good luck.


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