Thursday, August 26, 2010

Airport security

My meeting yesterday out of town ended early, so my boss and I decided to fly standby on an earlier flight. The problem with flying standby is that it is hard to do it with checked luggage. I decided to take the risk of going through airport security.

I was anxious about the needles in my bag. The meds themselves were less than 3 ounces, so there was no real worry about them. But I took the needles out of my bag and put them separately in a tray, with the paperwork right next to them in case there was an issue. I was preparing how I would begin to explain the needles.

And they did want to look at some of my luggage more closely. But not the needles! They didn't even glance twice at them. It was the bottle of hydrogen peroxide I bought in the hotel gift shop as a way to keep everything clean. Over 3 ounces, so I had to toss it.

So if anyone wants to travel while taking fertility meds, it is fine as long as you bring the alcohol swabs rather than a bottle.

I did forget to post the obligatory picture of my meds. Here it is. I am on 75 iu and don't go in again until Tuesday.


  1. Well at least the needles weren't a problem. Bummer that you had to throw the hydrogen peroxide out though. I so want this to be your cycle Missy!!!!

  2. We really are kinda like twins! I'm starting at 75iu, too!


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