Thursday, May 6, 2010


There is a request to donate gently used household goods and clothing to those who lost belongings in the flood. I'm happy to help where I can so I spent some time going through my closet. I started this activity as a way to help people in need. But then I started feeling happy that I was finally getting rid of some things we've wanted to send to Goodwill a long time ago. You know the feeling of a new start for a clean closet. It gets me all excited. But once I caught myself feeling this way, I felt bad for feeling glad that other people's misfortunes gives me an opportunity for spring cleaning.

That guilt did prompt me to get rid of a few pieces of clothing that I would have otherwise kept. So the flood victims are getting some nice things. I realized that everything I initially put in the donate pile was for winter, which will not do a lot of good now with Tennessee's hot summers. That made me pull out a few more summer outfits.

Our other news today is that we picked up our first week of our CSA (community supported agriculture). For those of you not familiar with this, you can buy a share in a local farm to get produce every week. The farm uses organic methods, giving you healthier food. And you support the local economy and sustainable agriculture, rather than big industrial farms that ruin the environment and pump up the food with things nature did not intend. Our first basket is way too big for just us! Especially since I will be traveling for the next week, so really it is mostly for DH. We have strawberries, spinach, green onions, broccoli, radishes, and three different kinds of lettuce.


  1. I need to look into CSAs or something similar around here. I love that idea.

    Cleaning out the closet is always cathartic.


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