Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I had an HSG today. I knew going in that you get bad cramps with one, but don't believe anyone who says it's just like menstrual cramps. Do any of you get cramps that bad every month? I couldn't make it through the day if I had that every month all day long. Luckily the real pain only lasted a few minutes. I did feel a little light-headed after it was over, but improved quickly and even made it to my yoga class after work.

Unfortunately the results were not that great. My right tube was normal, but the left one didn't show up at all. The RE was not that concerned because it only takes one tube for fertility. And she wasn't sure if the left tube was blocked or just had a spasm and so didn't show up. But still I left wishing for a better test.


  1. ouch! my HSG was terribly painful as well, i'm glad you are feeling better.
    will they be able to give you any more info on your tube?

  2. Tag! I left something for you on my blog today (http://bodydiariesbylucy.blogspot.com/).

  3. Oh no. That sounds horrible. Here's hoping it was just a spasm.

  4. I haven't had an HSG yet, but my SHG was awful. Sorry for the pain, and more importantly sorry about the blocked tube. Hopefully it was just a spasm :(


  5. Hahahah...I wrote the same type of blogpost after mine...I agree, if anyone has period cramps like that they might want to see a doctor right?
    I Hope everyting turns out ok with the left - maybe it was just not interested in being seen :-)


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