Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yellow paint

We moved into our house almost 2 years ago. The main hallway was one of the first things we painted. We found a nice yellow called "high plateau." Usually when we paint, we end up using more paint than we do primer. But when we were priming the hallway, we kept going back again and again to the paint store for more primer. The walls couldn't get enough of the primer. We started worrying about how much paint it would since we always use more paint than primer.

When hubby went to the store to buy the last can of primer, he came back with 4 extra gallons of the paint, in addition to the 2 we bought to begin with. He did not want to run out of paint.

Of course you can guess what happened next. We only needed to use our original 2 gallons of paint! We're not sure what happened with the primer, but we used just as much paint as we originally thought we would need. But now we had 4 gallons of nonreturnable paint.

We gave 1 gallon to my sister, who painted her kitchen.

We painted 3 walls of our own kitchen, which is connected to the hallway. But this only used 1 gallon. The 4th wall is a dark red. My sister and I have nearly matching kitchens now.

This weekend we finally used up the rest of the paint for our stairway, which is also off the kitchen. So the same color goes from the hallway into the kitchen and then up the stairs. And we are finally done with the yellow! I like the yellow, but we are not painting anything the same color again.

The funny part is that we actually needed to buy more paint as we needed about another half gallon to finish the stairway. And the store didn't have the same color anymore. Of course they wouldn't, we bought it all 2 years ago. But they still had the formula in their computer, so we were still able to get our matching color.


  1. I have been looking around for some new infertility friends so if you are interested in my blog take a look at :) I hope your journey goes smoothly and you know there are others out there who can lend and who need support :)

  2. oops I meant

  3. I love it when something gets painted! I hate the estimation of paint game. I'm glad you found a use for the extra paint.

    We have the paint to do the outside of our house... I hope we got about the right amount!

  4. Oh my....first needing and then not needing it and then buying more in the process of utilizing it....Jeez!

    Am glad that you finally have a beautiful home and a successful riddance of that extra paint!


  5. It's a good thing you liked that color :-)


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