Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I stopped buying clothes over a year ago. Once we had decided to try to have a baby, I figured it was a waste to spend money on clothes now. I mean, pretty soon only maternity clothes would fit me anyway. Those pants may look fab now, not worth that money to just wear them a couple times before needing an elastic band.

OK, I'll admit I didn't stop buying clothes completely, after all there were some months when some major retail therapy was needed to get through it. I would rationalize it by saying it would give me motivation to get back in shape after a pregnancy.

But there was one piece of clothing I resisted all this time. Even though I needed replacements for existing wardrobe pieces. There is after all one body part that people say never gets the same shape back after a baby. I couldn't rationalize buying these when I thought I had a good chance of getting pregnant in the next several months. I'm not sure if my need for this particular item of clothing just became dire enough or if my perception of the chances of getting pregnant went down, but I finally broke down and bought it.

Yes, I bought a new bra. Three of them, actually. That's how long I've been putting off this purchase.


  1. I've been on s few mini shopping "sprees" myself lately....I think I hit that same point of resignation. Enjoy those new bras, sweetie, and hopefully you truly won't need them for long! And I bet you won't care that you "wasted" money when you find out you are pregnant. :)


  2. I went through exactly the same thing, and I just broke down and bought FOUR bras recently. And I am really enjoying them - hopefully I'll be able to use them again after pregnancy (if it ever happens). I agree with hillary - enjoy them!

  3. Enjoy them Missy! This last year has been rough for you and you deserve a wardrobe that makes you feel pretty and happy:)

    Besides you might be able to use them after pregnancy. My moms chest size didn't change at all.

  4. It's a big step when we realize that we can't be living for a future pregnancy or baby. And new bras... awesome! It's my least favourite kind of shopping, but I always feel great once it's done.

  5. Thanks for the insurance advice - AND the advocacy advice.

    I don't think we'll ever see the $2000 offered by insurance - our clinic is out of network, and I've been told that we won't get any reimbursement from them. And as I said, the cost of paying for the insurance is greater than $2000, so we wouldn't actually get anything in the end anyway.

    We DO have an HSA, actually, but our situation is more complicated because I'm facing knee surgery, also. I'm guessing you know that there is a limit to how much money you can put into an HSA each year, which is less than the deductible. My knee surgery will be $10,000 to $20,000, which means any tax benefit I could have will already be gone by the time I paid for any infertility costs (or vice versa, I'll use it for infertility and lose it for the knee surgery).

    I probably wasn't too clear in my post - we can afford treatment, we've been saving for years and we live a very low-cost lifestyle. I am more offended on a basic level that you apparently have to be independently wealthy to have children, and also that infertility is not considered a coverable medical condition. It just sort of adds insult to injury.

    Sorry for the long comment!

  6. I remember feeling the same way about buying clothes. The point is to live your life. If that means buying nice new bras, then good for you.


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