Saturday, May 23, 2009

Five Word Friday

OK, I'm a little late to this since it is Saturday (but very early on Saturday), but I found this while commenting for ICLW and think it's a great idea.

Five words to describe summer. Here's mine:

1. School-as in none of it. I've spent many years in school and college and now work at a university. Things change during the summer with the absence of students.

2. AC-much needed in my location during the summer.

3. Tahoe-one of my favorite places for vacation. In fact we are going there in less than a month!

4. Picnics-I love picnics. And eating outdoors is a key part of summer for me. Especially if it involves a movie or outdoor theater.

5. Shakespeare-Best in the park. I love going every year.

Go visit here to see how others define summer.


  1. Hey Missy!! I'm so glad you found me and decided to join in! I love seeing what summer is to others...the answers are all so varied! And hey, don't you worry about Saturday! *wink, wink* Looking forward to checking out your husband & I will keep you & yours in our prayers about TTC. Our list is growing, but it's a great joy to pray for those who are awaiting this miracle from God, just like us. God bless you today!

  2. I'm so glad you joined in on the fun... great answers!

  3. So fun! :)


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