Sunday, February 3, 2013


We had a big few days over here. We woke up to snow on Friday and Seven had his first experience with snow! It wasn't much, didn't even cover the grass all the way. But I had fun taking him outside. He was a little apprehensive about it and probably way too cold.

Friday evening was a big milestone - he took his first step! We were so excited. Last weekend I saw him reach the end of a piece of furniture and it seemed he was really thinking about branching out away from the furniture. But he didn't. So in the past week, I've been standing him in the middle of the room and trying to get him to step towards me. Well Friday evening E set him down by the couch but facing out toward me. I encouraged him to come to me and he took two steps by himself! We were so excited that I think we scared him a little. But he did it again a few minutes later.

By Saturday evening he was taking up to 6 steps by himself. He still prefers to crawl since he is much faster that way, but he keeps trying. Of course with his increased mobility also comes more exploration in the kitchen. We've left a few cabinets open for him and he gets into them all the time now! He is so adorable. We did manage to get one good video of his walking and when he was napping, I just watched it over and over again.

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  1. Yay for walking!!! Now you really have your hand full. :)


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