Monday, January 28, 2013


I wanted to share what I consider a parenting win. Teaching a baby how to brush his teeth is not something that is talked about a lot. I've read lots of advice that says to start brushing his teeth once he has a couple, but no advice on how to actually get that done. Well, now he has 8 teeth and throws a fit whenever I try to put anything near his mouth, food or otherwise. But somehow despite not eating much beside Cheerios, his breath started to stink. So I had to really had to figure out how to get him to brush his teeth.

My solution was to brush our teeth together. I made a big deal of each of us getting a toothbrush and our own toothpaste (his with no flouride). And he held his toothbrush while I brushed my teeth next to him. In the evening, E joins us as well for a family teeth brushing time. The first several days, Seven  just watched us, clutching his toothbrush but being clear not to let it near his mouth. Slowly he started putting it in his mouth for a few seconds. He began to feel more comfortable with the toothbrush day after day. Now he happily chews on it while I brush my teeth and lets me brush his teeth after I am done.


  1. Excellent! We have recently been working on teaching Ginny to spit out her toothpaste (even though it's flouride free) in preparation for starting her on regular toothpaste later this year. It's been a challenge, and our bathroom mirror is regularly covered with her little spots, but it's been fun.

  2. What a parenting win (for all of you!)!!!! yay, mama!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I read a tip on another blog (Courtney's, All The Sun For You)that has helped us with this... one of her commenters (who I think was a dentist) suggested brushing their teeth from above their head. Like, if he's lying down and you come at him from over the top of his head. We do this, and give our girls their own toothbrush to hold while we brush their teeth and it works like a friggin charm. So strange, but maybe worth a try if he starts struggling again! Definitely a parenting win! ;)


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