Monday, December 24, 2012

Very Merry Christmas

I have had trouble writing this post because I feel I should say something more profound for our first Christmas with Seven other than how ridiculously happy we are. But we are. This Christmas has been one happy moment after another. We did have to cancel our Christmas celebration with E's parents due to the three of us being sick. We won't be able to reschedule it until after the New Year. So that was sad. But Seven is healthy now and E and I are mostly better. And it will be a very merry Christmas for us.

There have been some sad moments. My aunt and uncle are getting a divorce, so we are missing my aunt and cousin from the festivities. And I feel bad for some friends of ours who are sadly joining the ranks of IFers. But then I see Seven getting love from relatives we don't see often or watch him participate in a holiday tradition for the first time and my heart just fills with joy.

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