Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talking about the paperwork

Last week, we got our paperwork and thought we should talk about the issues a little bit each night. Well, that first night we picked the worst question and it did not go well. So we changed tactics and dedicated one evening to discussing all the questions. Last night was our night. We opened a bottle of wine and braced ourselves for a rough night.

It actually was a great experience. There were some tough questions, but we tackled them honestly and openly in a way that left us feeling better. We even came to some realizations about ourselves, our values, and how we interact with each other. Who knew adoption was the best marriage counseling you could get?


  1. I'm glad your discussion went well. I can only imagine the types of questions they would ask on that paperwork. It still amazes me that, as IF'ers, we have to dig deep into our heart/brain/relationship to let someone decide if we are worthy parents. Just one more thing the fertile world takes for granted.

  2. Awesome!!! I would love to go through some of those questions with my husband. You two are going about this in such a positive way and I love that you are sharing with all of us:)

  3. That is awesome, Missy. I'm so glad to be able to follow this journey of yours.

    Cortney, that is a great point, and honestly one that makes me nervous about adopting!

  4. Well done on such great chats! I think infertility and what ever route people end up going down to get their baby is very hard. It either makes or breaks couples.
    If you stay strong and support each other and be honest then things will be fine. Thats how I feel with my DH!


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