Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Support IRL

I don't mean to minimize the amount of support you guys provide, but I was wondering what type or amount of support you get from people in real life? I feel rather lucky. First, my hubby is wonderful. As soon as we got the first low SA, he made the changes he needed to do. I no way feel he is going along with this just for my sake.

I also have a friend who just recently gave birth to a cute little boy conceived via IVF. We haven't actually talked about IF that much together b/c she's been a little busy with the last months of pregnancy and a newborn the past several months as I've gotten our diagnoses. But just knowing she is there to talk when I'm ready makes me feel better.

This week I received an email with an invitation to this support workshop. I've been debating about whether we should go. I want to go, but the cost is high for where we are now and it is not a very good weekend for my husband. It would be the third weekend in a row that was taken up with many activities and his master's class is quickly coming to a close so he needs to focus on it. But when I went back to the site just now I notice the next workshop is not until February. I might want to wait a little bit, but not 6 months. So I might be going alone.

There is a possibility that my insurance would pay for this workshop as a mental health claim, so I'm going to look into that tomorrow.


  1. I also feel lucky in that the majority of people in my life have been very supportive. I also have an IRL IF friend and I appreciate her a lot. Like you, we don't talk about it a ton but it's just great knowing she gets it...

  2. I have a one friend and 2 clients who have gone through IF. They have been very understanding and supportive. My friends are as supportive as they can be for people who have never had to go through IF.

    I also really feel like I get a lot of thoughts out on my blog and feel very supported by comments and reading other peoples' similar struggles.

    If you are feeling like you need more support, I think the workshop is a good idea, even if you have to go alone. good luck!


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