Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello Everybodyyy!!

Hello Everybodyyy!!!

Imagine me saying that in my best Grover voice (which, admittedly, is not very good). Seven has a toy Grover remote that says that when you turn it on. I have a friend who is a big Grover fan so I always think it is funny.

I know I have been neglecting this space. With the increase in spam comments I've been getting, I figure it is either time to return or close down. But I have gotten a lot out of this space and the community I found here that I don't want to give it up. So let's take one more shot.

Work continues to be very busy. My travel has slowed down to just two trips a month, but there are a lot of deadlines. I find myself working most nights after Seven goes to sleep, which doesn't give me a very good life balance. We did have an absolutely fabulous weekend these past few days. We had beautiful weather and I enjoyed it with my beautiful family outside. The weekend started with a leisurely breakfast outside in our backyard, followed by a picnic at the botanical gardens, and dinner on the patio of a new restaurant. We visited E's parents on Sunday, and then broke in our new grill in our backyard. Spring has been slow to come here, so it was especially nice to enjoy the outdoors.

Seven is 13 months old now and, despite his small size, seems so grown up. He is very mobile and babbling so much. He even speaks several words. And he is amazing with his sign language. He mostly knows signs related to food, but it is so cute.

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