Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thanks for eating advice

Thank you to everyone for your great comments about Seven's eating. It really enforces that everything is a learning experience for us too. We did try avocado as one of his first solid foods, but he pretty much thought we were trying to poison him. We will try again with all the foods he has rejected and just go slowly with this transition. It is good to know that the puree stage doesn't have to last that long. I did give him a wedge of apple yesterday and while it took him a long time to trust that it is supposed to go in his mouth, he seemed to like it once it was there. It is just funny that any non-food item he is given goes straight to his mouth, but when we give him food, he is very suspicious of it.


  1. I'm so glad things are going well now with Seven's eating! I read your previous post, and I too have been looking forward to trying BLW. But it is kinda disheartening when I try to explain the concept to family/friends/daycare and they just don't get it. My mom is so adamant that the baby cannot be given whole foods or else he'll choke. The funny thing is she & my dad were both trying to convince me to let baby suck on french fries/chicken breast/strawberries/ice cream (ice cream!!!) when he was only 11 weeks old. Makes no sense

  2. By the way, the one special food thing that I recommend buying is one of those things that looks like a popsicle with a mech bag instead of the popsicle part. You can put fruit in there, or freeze stuff, and they can eat it without worrying about choking, and it's good for when they're teething, too. I don't remember anymore most of what we used it for, but I'm sure we did watermelon that way.

  3. Pleased that Seven is getting the hang of things, I guess just go at his pace is the way to go.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I think I will have loads of questions for everyone about adoption soon. I shall go away on for a few days on holiday and then will look into adoption and try to find an adoption agency. I am unsure how to pick an agency. They all seem to say the same things on their websites!


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