Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A new context of waiting

One thing I learned about infertility is the constant presence of waiting. Waiting to ovulate. Waiting for the next cycle. And, of course, the two week wait. So waiting to further our family building is not something new to me. But the waiting for adoption is very different. When you are trying to conceive, there is a lot of waiting, but there is also a lot of doing during that waiting. Monitoring your fertility signs if the cycle is not medicated, or getting an ultrasound and bloodwork every other day if it is. It is an active waiting. Even the 2WW is a relatively active waiting. Maybe there are shots or pills to take. Or at least you can mark the time until the waiting will end.

But it is not the same with adoption. There is just waiting. And then more waiting. There are some situations we might learn about, but nothing really we can do to stay active during the wait. And no sense of when the waiting will end.

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  1. Is it an 'easier' type of waiting?


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